What is Microphone Noise Reduction (cVc) ?

Hear Only What You Want.
Whether you’re at home or outside, background sounds such as ambient noise, road noise and other people talking can make clear sound difficult. Microphone Noise Reduction (Qualcomm® cVc™ noise cancellation technology) brings advanced audio enhancements and noise suppression to the near and far end, and provides packet loss and bit error concealment. In combination, this delivers the best possible call quality on Bluetooth headsets, handsets, hands-free devices and automotive communication devices.

How cVc works
cVc is a suite of algorithms that work on the transmission and receiving path of voice calls to deliver optimum voice quality.

cVc features
Explore the many audio processing features within cVc solutions, including:

· Automatic gain controls
· Send/Receive equalizers
· Comfort noise
· Howling control
· Nonlinear processing
· Adaptive equalizers
· Power savings techniques
· Auxiliary stream mixing
· Frequency enhanced speech intelligibility

Software and tools
cVc technology is available on a wide range of Qualcomm Bluetooth Audio SoCs, and easy-to-use GUI-based tuning and monitoring tools.