What is HDSS?


HDSS® = "High Definition Sound Standard.” Developed and put forward by the TBI Audio Systems LLC, HDSS® is a brand new set of technologies that allow for exceptional quality of sound with low cost.

It is a technology that lets earpieces playback sound naturally under any conditions. You can feel the precise playback with no disturbances, great sense of presence with 3D sound, and minimized stress through using the product.

ETL (Embedded Transmission Line) modules are essential to the HDSS® technologies. ETL modules placed behind earpieces, drive units and radiators will keep the pressure and temperature inside to make the sound consistent.


1. More HD, More Natural and Pure Sound

The most natural and effective HDSS can be used to generate higher-definition, unprocessed natural sounds, with no noise or distortion from the machine, and the sound details.


2. 3D wide and wide stereo sound field, Evenly dispersed sound waves in the space

Traditional 2D speakers sound like sitting in a position far from the stage, concentrated in the middle of the head and narrow in a single direction. People sitting on both sides cannot hear the sound inside the venue.

Wearing HDSS headphones can make you feel the stereo space in the scene. You can feel the 3D spatial sound field of HDSS in any position. The sound waves in the space are evenly scattered, and you can get a complete listening experience everywhere. The singer and the stage are in the middle of the real 3D stereo sound.


3. Protect your ears, Not feeling fatigue

HDSS can generate natural sound without processing noise, which is the most relaxing and soothing sound. The burden on the eardrum and the ear cavity would be small. The physical pressure is greatly reduced to 14.32% (Heart Rate Variability objective test). The ear and nerve pressure are also reduced even used for a long time.